Well-targeted patient care depends on accurate detection of pathogens – and high-quality culture media preparation is at the foundation of reliable test results. This means, among other things, assuring the homogeneity of the media, control and management of the cycle, temperature control, and traceability. MASTERCLAVE has been the culture media preparator of choice for culture media manufacturers for more than 35 years. For labs and healthcare providers that want that same excellence for their in-house culture media preparation, MASTERCLAVE ushers in the next generation with two new additions to the line for even greater flexibility and productivity.

  • MASTERCLAVE® brings your lab to a new level of productivity.
  • Fit the needs all microbiology labs and healthcare institutions
  • Easy & flexible solution for any lab
  • Quality is the standard for total peace of mind
  • Highest Culture Media Quality


  • Save time and free staff for other tasks by eliminating manual tasks such as Adding water, Homogenizing, Autoclaving, Water bathing, and Traceability.
  • Auto-fill/auto-start* so culture media is available when you need it – even as soon as the lab opens
  • Fully-automated traceability with automated program selection; downloadable reports
  • Pressurized distribution ensures consistent performance throughout the cycle
    • Consistent pour quality
    • Precision of distributed volumes
  • Light vessel design ensures lowest rate of lost volume

ECO mode: Saves on electricity and water consumption


Flexible, easy solution

MASTERCLAVE’s new design also includes numerous unique innovations for even better flexibility, ease-of-use and safety:

  • Convenient under-bench use & storage: unique on the market
  • Ergonomic design for safer access and vessel retrieval
  • True mobility with optional kit
  • Patented lid – safe and easy
  • Fast, efficient cleaning with flat lid and optional integrated water-gun
  • Embedded dispensing with e-pump connection

Highest Culture Media Quality

It’s no coincidence that MASTERCLAVE has been the gold standard of culture media manufacturers for more than 35 years. Your lab will gain the same peace of mind thanks to numerous features for the highest quality in terms of homogeneity, traceability and reproducibility between the different preparations made from the same lot.

The entire media preparation process is standardized and under control from start to finish:

  • Homogeneity of media:
  • New, exclusive stirring paddle for maximized homogeneity
    • Centralized probe for uniform media temperature control
    • Sterilization control throughout tank
  • Exclusive air inlet filter on the lid – no contamination risk
  • Agar dispensing at optimal temperature guarantees quick solidification & reduced condensation to limit contamination risk
  • Pressurized agar dispensing for precise, uniform volume and full
  • standardization of plates
  • Storage and transfer of all cycle details
  • QA report is automatically generated with printed graph for easy reading
  • Compliance (standards including ISO11133, IS07218 and GMP) ensured
  • I-connect enhances information flow and data safety
  • Optional connectivity with LABGUARD 3D

Power Supply


1L – 10L

230V ± 10%, 16A 50 Hz

200-210V ± 10% three phase w/o neutral 16A per phase, 60 Hz

1L – 20L

230/400V ± 10% three phase + neutral, 16A per phase, 50 Hz

200-210V ± 10% three phase w/o neutral 16A per phase, 60 Hz


5L – 28L

400V ± 10% three phase + neutral, 16A (or 230V ± 10% 10A three phase w/o neutral, 20A), 8 KW

#AESAP1065 (EC)

#AESAP1067 (US)
10L – 60L

400V ± 10% three phase + neutral + ground, 32A, 18 KW (or 230V ± 10% three phase + ground, 32A

Sound level

< 70 dB

< 70 dB



Dim.(W x H x DP)

550 x 440 x 650mm

590 x 700 x 650mm

760 x 1100 x 580 mm

1030 x 1250 x 700 mm

Weight, instrument only

85 kg

90 kg

91 kg

170 kg

Temperature accuracy

± 0.5 °C in stabilized phase

± 0.5 °C in stabilized phase

± 0.5 °C in stabilized phase

± 0.5 °C in stabilized phase