• Bench-Top systems
  • For small and medium sized laboratories
  • Fully automated random access
  • Compact system solutions
  • Operational excellence
  • Offering automation to daily work of small and medium laboratory settings
  • Ease to use


  • Uncompromised level of performance
  •  Automatic daily start-up procedures
  • Any mix of sample cups and bar-coded primary tubes can be loaded at the same time
  • Disposable cuvettes allow user-safe and contamination free analysis
  • Optimized, ready-to-go system reagents
  • Unique cuvette design
  • Effective mixer to stir reagents
  • IVD compliant, automated, cost-effective solution
  • Minimal water consumption
  • Reflex testing capability offers savings in operator time triggering automatically the specific test to be run
  • Versatile, automated dilution features make sample processing easier
  • Reagent kits are bar-coded, and volumes are optimized to minimize waste
  • Measurement reliability can be monitored with a real-time qc program
  • The reagent usage and expiry date are automatically monitored in real-time
  • Automatic upload of calibrator and control values save time and reduce manual errors
  • Results archiving associated with calibration and reagent lot data secure full traceability
  • Bi-directional LIS connection
  • Optional ISE unit uses ion selective electrodes for Sodium, Potassium and Chloride measurements
  • Temperature controlled incubator for 90 cuvette cells
  • Minimal daily maintenance, maximized analyzer uptime






Photometric tests/hour: up to 200

ISE tests/hour: up to 120

Photometric tests/hour: up to 350

ISE tests/hour: up to 135

On-Board Sample Capacity

Max 90 with 5 x 18-pos. sample rack

and 1 x 6-pos. reagent rack

Max 108 with 6 x 18-pos. sample rack

On-Board Reagent Capacity

Max 30 with 1 x 9 -or 18-pos. sample rack and 5 x 6-pos. reagent rack

Max 42 reagent positions

Walk-away Time

Up to 2 hours

Up to 3 hours

Water Consumption

1.5 liter / hour

2.5 liters / hour

Dimensions (WxDxH) & Weight

75 cm x 70 cm x 62 cm / 130 cm with the open cover & 85 kg

29,5 in x 27,6 in x 24,4 in/ 51 in with the open cover & 187 lbs

94 cm x 70 cm x 62 cm / 130 cm with the open cover & 110 kg

37 in x 27,6 in x 24,4 in/ 51 in with the open cover & 242 lbs

Display screen

supported either by a traditional or by a touch screen

supported either by a traditional or by a touch screen



Clinical Chemistry Testing, Specific Protein Analysis, Drugs of Abuse Analysis, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Immunosuppressant Drug Testing

Sample Rack

Two 9-position racks can be adjusted for different aspiration heights. Both can be used for 0.5 and 2.0 ml cups and 5, 7 or 10 ml tubes.

(optional) 18-position rack can be used either for 0.5 and 2.0 ml cups or for non-barcoded 7 ml tubes

Reagent Rack

6-position reagent racks are used only in Indiko.

Indiko Plus has a reagent disk.

Reagent Volume

100 to 200 μl, a complete reaction volume being of only 120 to 300 μl.

Sample Volume

2 – 120 μl

On-Board Cuvette Capacity

360 measurement cells, 36 cuvettes with 10 reaction cells,
1 to 3 hours walk-away time depending on workload


Alphanumeric. Bar-code reader

Data Management

LIS interface: CLSI LIS02-A2

Result reports: Collated by sample, manual entry of off-line results allowing for fully collated result reports, results calculated from both measured and off-line results. Abnormal values and repeats flagged automatically