Electrolyte analyzer with the latest IT Technology The electrolyte uses whole blood, serum and plasma to yield the result in 35 seconds with direct ISE measurement system. The result will appear on screen and can be printed out. It is easy to use with 7-inch color touch screen and voice assistance. In addition, i-Smart 30 electrolyte analyzer is a small device with attached handle and rechargeable built-in batteries, so it can be moved to the places where Point of Care Testing is needed such as health screening and emergency diagnosis room, intensive care unit at the hospitals. The Windows® XP Embedded OS based device offers powerful features of Windows operating system as well as connectivity, stability and reliability. Result management is very easy to use because of database feature that can store more than 300,000 results. Data can be downloaded via USB data storage devices and software upgrade is convenient.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use touch screen menu on color LCD and graphic user interface 
  • Free Maintenance System
  • Pop-ups and voice assistance service for user guide
  • Stable Windows® XP Embedded based operating system
  • 320,000 data storage and search features  
  • Automatic data transmission to hospital systems (HIS/LIS)  
  • USB port to download data and upgrade operating software
  • Rechargeable battery that can work without external power for two hours
  • Compact design
  • Light-weight
  • Ideal for any POCT area
  • only 50 ㎕ of sample volume in 35 seconds  
  • Cartridge contains electrodes, reagents, tubing and waste bag 
  • No additional cost for maintenance  
  • No wasted reagents by calibration process 
  • Cartridge designed to minimize likelihood of secondary infection for users
  • Long shelf life (room temperature, 18 months) 


The world's first all-in-one electrolyte analyzer cartridge the state-of-art technology is used to manufacture multi-usable cartridges for the electrolyte analyzer. Cartridges are all-in-one product. All consumable parts such as reagent, electrode, valve, tubing, sampler and especially waste bag are enclosed within a cartridge. Users are protected from the secondary infections because samplers are cleaned automatically, and cartridges can be removed after use or expiration date. Therefore, electrolyte analyzer maintenance is free

Parameter Unit Measuring/ Range Resolution

Na+ mmol/L 20~250

K+ mmol/L 0.5~20.0

Cl- mmol/L 20~250

Hct % 10~60

Sample type

Whole blood, Plasma, Serum

Sample volume

50 ㎕

Sample container

Syringe, Capillary Tube

Measuring temperature

37 ± 0.2 ℃ Measuring principle Electrochemistry (Direct ISE)


Automatic or on demand

Reagent Temperature

10 ~ 30 ℃ Relative humidity 5 ~ 85%

Reagent shelf life

18 months

Instrument Dimensions/ Weight

292 mm (H) x 256 mm (W) x 177 mm (D) / 5.5 kg


Operating system Microsoft Windows® XP Embedded


Display 7-inch TFT LCD, Touch screen


Thermal Printer, 2-inch width paper


Interface Barcode scanner (USB type)

 Communication port USB (3 port), Serial port (RS-232), LAN (RJ45 Ethernet)


Frequency 100~240 VAC / 47~63 Hz

Power adapter

Power adapter Offer a medical AC-DC power supply (Output: DC 24 V, 2.7 A)


Battery operation Max. up to 2 hours (rechargeable Li ion battery)